Nissan Leaf Pricing a Game Changer

March 30, 2010

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Nissan Leaf Pricing a Game Changer, Says Plug In America

All-Electric Vehicle Will Help Speed Widespread Adoption of All Plug-In Vehicles

Highly affordable pricing for Nissan's all-electric Leaf will lead to rapid adoption of the sedan and help to accelerate widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles as many new models hit the road in 2011 and beyond, Plug In America officials said Tuesday.

With federal tax credits, the base-model Leaf—plus a home charging station with installation included—will cost $26,380, according to Nissan. In California, a $5,000 state rebate for the car will drop the price to $21,380.

"For the first couple of years, every Leaf built will be spoken for before it ever gets to a dealership," said Plug In America president Dan Davids. "Like the Prius, these cars won't linger in showrooms. There is huge pent-up demand for electric cars and at this price-point, Nissan might have to accelerate completion of its new Leaf factory in Tennessee."

Added Paul Scott, the nonprofit organization's vice president: "Word of mouth on electric cars is going to be better than any consumer product since the iPod."

Indeed, Plug In America continues to push for more funding in the California Air Resources Board's Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. The organization's members are also working in states across the country to advocate for local rebates and tax credits. A complete summary of existing incentives is available at

Nissan will take reservations for its Leaf between April 20 and May 15 from those who have already registered their interest on the automaker's website. Reservations will require a fully refundable $99 fee and reservation holders can start placing orders at dealerships in August, according to Nissan.

"We've known all along that the sure-fire way to rapidly build a robust EV market is simply to let people drive these cars," said Zan Dubin Scott, Plug In America's communications director. "With the Nissan Leaf's low price—less than that of a Toyota Prius—consumers will finally be able to buy an EV for roughly the same price as a gasoline car. That's a game changer."

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