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  • Don’t Let Georgia State Incentives for Electric Vehicles Disappear

    The state of Georgia has enjoyed tremendous support for electric vehicle adoption from its legislators, but that is at risk. Georgia legislators need to hear your voice in favor of electric car incentives.

    Chuck Martin (R-Alpharetta) is introducing legislation (House Bill 122) to eliminate the state electric vehicle tax credits of $5,000. He has already amassed more that 60 legislators to support the bill. We need you to let them know that the public supports EVs!

    Georgia has become a beacon for electric vehicle sales. The tax credit has helped make Georgia the national leader in Nissan LEAF sales, an electric car built here in the US.

    Please take a moment to complete the action below to ensure that your representative hears your voice to maintain the EV incentives and defeat this bill.

    Georgia’s Public Service Commission member Tim Echols argued passionately for keeping the credits. Aside from the environmental benefits and the positive message sent to millennials about the importance of moving away from polluting fossil fuels, he makes a powerful economic argument. 

    “For every 1 percent of petroleum-based miles displaced by electric vehicles in Georgia, approximately $201 million dollars remain in the state annually. Each pure electric vehicle keeps $2,242 a year in state by fueling with electricity rather than petroleum-based products. For a state without a single oil well or refinery, this is huge.”

    Please join us in calling for the house to support continued state incentives for electric vehicles by filling out the form below.

    Thank you,

    Michael Thwaite
    Plug In America

  • Action Alert: New Jersey is listening. Now is the time for us to speak up!

    In March, behind closed doors and without public consultation, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Department of Motor Vehicles voted to enforce decades old draconian laws to prevent Tesla Motors from selling directly to consumers in New Jersey.

    Your call to the Legislature to have your say was heard, loud and clear! A bill to change those laws has been prepared and on June 5th, that co-sponsored bill to allow new EV car companies like Tesla Motors sell cars directly to the public, will be heard by the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee. See the full text of NJ A3096 here.

    Please take a moment to re-iterate your call to pass the bill. We’re on the home stretch, democracy is working, victory is in sight.

    If you’re still in any doubt over supporting this bill, consider our world if Apple had been forced to sell the iPhone through retailers only - with retailer set pricing, retailer product specification and their unwanted added software, would the US still be the leaders in smartphone design and technology or would China and Europe have stolen the show? Tesla Motors and Apple are both US companies that disrupt the status quo.

    Please fill out the form below to join us in calling for the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Committee to support this bill supporting New Jersey and American innovation.

    Thank you,

    Richard Kelly
    President, Plug In America

  • Encourage the Senate to Extend Green Clean Air Vehicle Stickers

    Plug In America needs your help to maintain the successful carpool access program which has helped us get over 40,000 plug-in-hybrid vehicles on California’s roads in just 3 short years. A big incentive to the buyers of these vehicles has been solo access to California carpool lanes. The successful adoption of plug-in hybrids however has already caused us to exceed the 40,000 green carpool access stickers authorized by the original California legislation. While full electric vehicles will still qualify for the white carpool access stickers, plug-in-hybrid buyers are out of luck.

    According to a recent LA Times article, emissions from automobiles actually decreased in California between 2011 and 2012 despite an increase in automobile registrations, in large part due to increasing adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Let’s keep that momentum building.

    Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi has introduced legislation to increase the limit of green carpool access stickers to 85,000 which would extend this incentive for another 45,000 plug-in hybrid buyers. AB 2013 has already passed the assembly and has moved on to the CA senate.

    Plug In America asks you to fill out the form below to contact your state senator and urge them to pass AB2013 as soon as possible. Let’s get this important piece of legislation on the Governor’s desk for signature so that we can continue California’s rapid move to electric drive, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving our air quality, and strengthening our economy.

    Thank you,

    Richard Kelly
    President, Plug In America