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  • Help New Jersey Move Forward, Support EV Charging Along Our Highways

    Assemblyman Timothy Eustace, our state’s only EV driving assemblyman, is once again putting forth legislation to help promote the adoption of alternate fuel and electric vehicles here in New Jersey.

    On Thursday February 12th, Assemblyman Eustace will be approaching the Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee and calling for their support for NJ Bill A1728.

    NJ Bill A1728 requires New Jersey Turnpike Authority and South Jersey Transportation Authority to provide natural gas refueling, propane refueling, and electric vehicle recharging stations at certain rest areas on New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and Atlantic City Expressway.

    What this means to us here in New Jersey is the potential for a North-South electric highway opening up easy and convenient long distance travel for electric cars.

    Please use the form below to let your state representatives know that you support this bill and want the transportation committee to move New Jersey forward.

    Thank you,

    Michael Thwaite
    Plug In America


    There are 4 different hearings this week about 7 critical EV related bills. The schedule is listed below.

    The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) and Plug In America are urging folks to show up in Olympia if possible and testify "PRO" on all of the bills listed below. If you are able to go to Olympia, look for JJ McCoy, SEVA’s volunteer Legislative Director at the hearings so the two of you can coordinate your testimony with others who are there to testify.

    Whether or not you are able to show up in person, please enter your zip code below to access a suggested letter which you can personalize for your district’s legislators. Once the letter says what you would like to say, it will be electronically sent to you legislators in your name. For those planning go to Olympia, sending the letter now is assurance that in case of a last minute change in your plans, your voice will still be heard.

    The commercial vehicles bill is a new idea but appears to have the most support of both sides of the aisle, and SEVA rumors that the passenger vehicle bill may get linked to it at a future point.

    Wednesday will be particularly tricky for supporters since both transportation committees are scheduled at the same hour. Please let us know if you can attend and help us cover both committees.


    Wednesday, Feb 4
    3:30 p.m.
    House Transportation Committee
    House Hearing Rm B
    John L. O'Brien Building

    1) HB 1396 – Incentivizing the use of alternative fuel commercial vehicles with tax preferences

    3:30 p.m.
    Senate Transportation Committee
    Senate Hearing Rm 1
    J.A. Cherberg Building

    1) SB 5325 -- Incentivizing the use of alternative fuel commercial vehicles with tax preferences

    2) SB 5333 – EV Caucus Bill -- Extending the sales and use tax exemption for clean alternative fuel vehicles.

    3) SB 5444 -- Establishing an electric vehicle infrastructure bank.

    2014 successful EV lobbying effort in Olympia

    Thursday, Feb. 5
    8 a.m.
    House Environment Committee
    House Hearing Rm B
    John L. O'Brien Building

    1) HB 1487 -- Reducing emissions by making changes to the clean car standards and clean car program.  (ZEV Mandate)

    1:30 p.m.
    Senate Energy, Environment, and Telecommunications Committees
    Senate Hearing Rm 4
    J.A. Cherberg Building

    1) SB 5446 -- Requiring incentives for electric vehicle readiness in buildings.

    2) SB 5445 -- Extending the alternative fuel vehicle retail sales and use tax exemption? (Governor's bill)


  • Don’t Let Georgia State Incentives for Electric Vehicles Disappear

    The state of Georgia has enjoyed tremendous support for electric vehicle adoption from its legislators, but that is at risk. Georgia legislators need to hear your voice in favor of electric car incentives.

    Chuck Martin (R-Alpharetta) introduced legislation (House Bill 122) to eliminate the state electric vehicle tax credit of $5,000. He had amassed more that 60 legislators to support the bill. May of your voices joined the throng and it was quickly voted down only to reappear in a voice vote and be approved! All along, another bill (House Bill 220) has been working to curtail these valuable benefits. 

    Georgia has become a beacon for electric vehicle sales. The tax credit has helped make Georgia the national leader in Nissan LEAF sales, an electric car built here in the US.

    Please take a moment to complete the action below to ensure that your representative hears your voice to maintain the EV incentives and defeat this bill.

    Georgia’s Public Service Commission member Tim Echols argued passionately for keeping the credits. Aside from the environmental benefits and the positive message sent to millennials about the importance of moving away from polluting fossil fuels, he makes a powerful economic argument. 

    “For every 1 percent of petroleum-based miles displaced by electric vehicles in Georgia, approximately $201 million dollars remain in the state annually. Each pure electric vehicle keeps $2,242 a year in state by fueling with electricity rather than petroleum-based products. For a state without a single oil well or refinery, this is huge.”

    This political tug-of-war continues and we'll need to maintain our continued tug.

    Please join us in calling for the house to support continued state incentives for electric vehicles by filling out the form below.

    Thank you,

    Michael Thwaite
    Plug In America