Urge Gov. Brown to Veto Misguided Plug-in Parking Bill - AB475

We need to stop California Assembly Bill 475 before it becomes law!

Originally this bill was meant to help consumers by allowing all plug-in hybrids to have equal access to charging infrastructure, something our organization supports. It was amended in late June, creating negative ramifications to all plug-in drivers. For months, Plug In America and other stakeholders negotiated in good faith with the bill’s sponsors, General Motors and Assembly Member Betsy Butler, to prevent charger sharing from being outlawed and to make sure existing Chevy Volts were included. Despite those efforts, this bill was rammed through the Legislature at GM’s request, without the changes the company had promised to support.

Fill out the form below to ask Governor Brown to veto the bill. Plug In America will collaborate with stakeholders to put a revised bill in play as soon as possible, that will protect these chargers for all plug-in vehicles, while saving the drivers and site owners from unintended consequences, and the state from wasteful use of already limited funding. It will provide for EV and plug-in hybrid parking.  Please help us ask the Governor to stop this poorly constructed bill from becoming law!

For more information, read the entire bill, an article from Fast Company, and Chelsea Sexton's blog about the situation.

Thank you for your support!

Jay Friedland
Legislative Director
Plug In America

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