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In this issue - Who Saved the Electric Car?
- EV Driver, Mom, Offers Emotional Plea to California Regulators
- More EV Charging Needed: Everyone Pitch In!
- Ask The EV Experts: Is it Safe to Charge in the Rain?

Who Saved the Electric Car?

The California Air Resources Board recently met in Riverside and unanimously decided to follow the recommendations of its staff to continue the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Program as planned, without any changes, through 2025—despite repeats of the old complaints from some in the auto industry that there is no demand for electric cars and that the (very modest) targets would be too hard to reach.

While that might not sound like a big deal, there was a bit of anxiety at Plug In America that we not allow history to repeat itself. Back in 2003, CARB responded to the same complaints from industry by sharply scaling back the program. That decision led to the founding of Plug In America, and the film, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Read more from Joel Levin.

Mom, EV Driver Offers Emotional Plea to California Regulators

When I moved to Orange County from out of state in late spring 1979, I kept getting lost on the freeways. Friends kept telling me to get my bearings, remember the mountains are north. I kept looking at them confused – mountains – what mountains?? Read more from Plug In America supporter, Michelle Pierce.

More EV Charging Needed: Everyone Pitch In!

Building EV charging is one of the most effective ways to encourage more EV buyers. Luckily, we’re about to see the single biggest investment in EV charging ever with the funds from the VW settlement. Read more from Katherine Stainken.

Ask the EV Experts: Is it Safe to Charge My EV in the Rain?

Next up on our series, Ask the EV Experts, Kyle in Utah asks, is it safe to plug in and charge while it’s raining? Watch the video for the answer

Plug-In To Earth Day

Southern California Edison and City of Lynwood invite you to enjoy EV ride and drives, and other fun for the whole family to celebrate Earth Day.

Fast Charge at Coachella with #ChargeUpChella

Help Us Break a National Drive Electric Week Record!

Let’s bring EV celebrations to all 50 states and 8 Canadian Provinces. Look at the map, and place your own pin in your community.

Donate Your Old EV

Have an old EV you're looking to unload before you get your new electric vehicle? Consider donating it to Plug In America for a tax deduction! Contact info@pluginamerica.org to learn more.

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